Posted on the Squeetus Blog January 26, 2006 01:02 PM PST.

Hello all you lovely people! Just a quick note. These have been wonderful and crazy days since Monday. Bloomsbury sent me a copy of princess academy with the shiny silver sticker today. Again, let me just say, holy cow. This feels like such a huge, earth moving deal to me, I actually had a very silly moment on Monday afternoon when I looked down and realized that getting a Newbery Honor didn't mean anyone was going to come and mop the bathroom floor for me.

It's especially been a strange week because Max has been having a hard time. He's declared to the world, "Attention! I am now officially TWO, so stand back and behold my terrible glory." I've been reading everything I can on tantrums. Poor kid. I just love him so much. Will this last a year? Or will he learn how to calm himself down and be my happy little boy again?

I'm off to finish the current draft of rapunzel's revenge so we can send it off to editor and artist. I'm getting so excited about that project. I just can't wait to see it illustrated! And it's my birthday (the very respectable age of 32. What a birthday present, eh?). After Max's nap, I get to hobnob with a couple of fellow writers--the queen of cool herself, Cecil Castellucci, and one of the kindest women on earth, Mette Ivie Harrison. Then Dean's taking me to dinner at my favorite restaurant. I'm a lucky girl.

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