Posted on the Squeetus Blog April 05, 2006 11:02 AM PST.

Warning: vacation photos follow.

Max pluto1

Here's that adorable Max with his favorite fella, Pluto. He wasn't afraid at all.

Max pluto2

He turned right around and gave him a "love."


We're waiting for the ferry to take us to the Magic Kingdom. The dock and lake were beautiful. The Wilderness Lodge is in the background. So much nicer than a bus stop!


Dean at the Hundred Acre Wood playground, appropriately seated beneath "Eeyore's Gloomy Spot." He's so not a fan of amusement parks, and he was such a good sport. All for the kid.


At the Scholastic shoot. As you can see, only under great duress was I willing to put on the princess gown and tiara. See how my great beauty tamed that savage beast? Er...something like that.

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