Posted on the Squeetus Blog December 26, 2005 01:57 PM PST.

Ah, the holidays always go by too fast. So much build up and then, blop, they're over. It was a great day, but also hard, as poor Max suffered with a fever of 102 that didn't respond to fever reducers. I've coughed more in the past 24 hours than in my entire previous life, I think. My parents are in Mongolia and nieces and nephews in California, and it's always hard to have family gone on Christmas.

Merry cough, cough Christmas 1

Here's Max in the little Mongolian attire his grandma sent him. Super cute! And there's the whole family in front of my sister's Christmas tree, since we don't have one. I know, I know, what a bunch of scrooges, huh? Next year, when Max won't pull the whole thing down on his head. I got a new cell phone from my husband, a very and unexpected gift, but my current one dies after 30 minutes of use and doesn't recharge unless coaxed and bribed.

Merry cough, cough Christmas 2

I got my husband a first edition of Lo! by Charles Fort, and Max scored big with a sit & spin, Batman action figure (also Wild Cat and Metamorpho - this kid won't talk but he can identify obscure superheroes like Booster Gold and Aztec in a line-up), and a little train set. Did you guys get or give any memorable presents this year?

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