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Posted on the Squeetus Blog April 18, 2006 08:18 AM PST.

  1. My two-year-old son is wearing four-year-old socks. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. His papa wears a shoe size 15.
  2. The smell of cooking bacon is stronger than the odor of poopy diaper. This is something you may never had a chance to know unless you're a mother of a toddler, so I thought I should share that.
  3. If you ever put a toddler in a nice white shirt, just think of it as a blank piece of paper that's waiting to be colored on. It'll have breakfast dribble down it before anyone sees him. It's the law of the universe.
  4. I got a galley of river secrets! It's the Advance Reading Copy (ARC) that publishers bind up to send to booksellers, reviewers, librarians, so they can read a book in advance of publication. The cover is beautiful. I'm so happy with it. Dean, Max and I were playing out front when I saw it on the doorstep, and I just had to stand in the garage and appreciate it for several minutes. So fun to see those words in the official font, the chapter titles and initial caps. I can't wait for everyone to read it. I'm just so fond of that Razo.

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