Posted on the Squeetus Blog April 27, 2006 09:36 PM PST.

That subject line doesn't have anything to do with anything. I just like creamy soup. Crab and corn chowder--mmmm.

I've been working overtime, trying to finish this draft of rapunzel's revenge in one week, which has been especially hard as Dean's been super busy at work. We're just so fond of this story, we want it to be brilliant! And I just can't wait to see what Nathan the Illustrator will do with it.

I'll be leaving for Chicago on Sunday. I'm speaking (yikes!) at the annual International Reading Assocation conference, and I'll be doing some school visits while I'm in the area. The only thing I'm doing that's really open to the public is a stock signing at Bookstall on Tuesday, so stop by the store if you're around.

Re: my last post, it seems as though most people are just not as bugged as I am by the paucity of female characters in animated shows. I wonder, now that I've brought to your attention if it'll start to bug you too? Or maybe I'm just an oddball that gets bugged over nothing. I'm rooting for Option A--I don't feel like that much of an oddball. (please don't verify that with my husband)

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