Posted on the Squeetus Blog December 07, 2005 08:19 AM PST.

Check out the new digs! As several clever people have already noticed, the blog area is new, allowing you to add your own comments. It's the first step in a slow redesign of the site. We'll keep all the same content, just change the appearance and navigation a bit. And now, writing these blogs is so easy, my html skills are going to get rusty.

If you've gone to make a comment, you've noticed the program asks three things of you:

  1. Name - use any name you want, make up a name if you want to be anonymous, or your real if you like. This is just so we can all remember you if you make repeat comments.
  1. Email - this functions as a password, so no one else can make comments with your name, pretending to be you. If you don't feel comfortable using your email address, make up a fake one. Just remember what it was so you can come back. I promise we're not going to do anything with your email address.
  1. URL - if you have a website, putting your URL turns your name into a link so others can visit your site. If you don't have one, you can skip it, or just put in a URL of some other site that you like.

So, hooray! Comment away. And in other news, I had my hair done yesterday. I was born a redhead, but apparently as you get older (I'm 31), red hair fades and gets dull, so a couple of years ago I started doing what I never thought I'd do - I had regular appointments with a stylist to get highlights. I enjoyed that for a while, but when I met new people, they'd refer to me as a "blonde." Ack! I thought I was a redhead with blonde highlights! I felt like part of my core identity had been hacked away. So, my stylist (the very capable Alison Service at Tangles salon in Salt Lake City) has begun to weave copper-red color in with the highlights, turning me slowly, unnaturally, back into a sassy redhead. Hm. I never imagined when I was younger that this would happen, and I was certainly teased about being a redhead enough (we're all teased about anything out of the ordinary, aren't we?), but it's WHO I AM, dang it! So...I hope you weren't looking for some profound insight into being an author today, 'cause you got beauty shop talk.

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