Posted on the Squeetus Blog February 10, 2006 08:22 PM PST.

And unbelievably, I'm blessed with even more incredible news. (I swear, if I believed or understood astrology, I'd expect my stars are popping with action this month.) I've been working on a fun romp of an adult novel for some time, and guess what? It just sold! In a two book deal! I found an agent for it, she read it over night, and within two weeks we had an offer. (No, it's usually not that fast. goose girl took 9 months to find a publisher after I found an agent and earned 9 rejections.) The funny part? It sold to Bloomsbury on the adult side. They publish my YA stuff, of course, but my agent submitted it to multiple agents and it was Bloomsbury who bit. That entire publishing house must be a kindred spirit.

So, I have a question for y'all about the title. This is a contemporary, women's fiction novel about Jane, a thirty-something woman who spends three weeks in an immersive Jane Austen experience trying to kick her Pride & Prejudice habit. I had originally titled the book ostensibly jane, but my editor prefers the title austenland, which was my second choice. I like austenland, but I'm having a hard time letting ostensibly jane go. Is it because it's a superior title or am I just used to it? Without having read the book, obviously, which one would you prefer?

By the way, it'll be out May or June 2007, and I think you're going to dig it.

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