Posted on the Squeetus Blog February 15, 2006 01:55 PM PST.

Thanks to all who chimed in on the title issue! You guys pretty much rock. Your thoughts will really help me figure out what would be best. I think we'll decide for certain this summer, so feel free to keep sending your opinion my way.

A quick note to say that I'll be touring California next week and in two weeks. I put up where I'll be on my events page. A lot of the events are in schools, so I posted the approximate times when I'd be doing stock signings in the area bookstores. If I'm passing through any of your local bookstores, I'd love to see you while I'm there!

And I had a lovely Valentine's Day. Dean wrote me a poem, which I loved so much I had to post it. I'm such a romantic, and there were so many years when I was just achy and alone on V-day. My friend and I used to have a Valentine's Day tradition to buy a cheap box of chocolates, sit in the dry bathtub, eat ourselves sick, and cry. Anyone else want to share a Valentine's Day tradition?

By the way, Max is still unbelievably cute. We were playing in the snow today, and I guess I'd rather watch his toddler hop-run than about anything in the world. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's the cutest thing in the world.

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