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Posted on the Squeetus Blog June 13, 2006 02:29 PM PST.

I enjoy them. I had one for lunch.

The Squeeter Pig will be going out very soon. The content has been ready for a month, but I've kept my poor husband too busy to make it newsletter worthy. We're going to be moving to a new home in a couple of months, and we're in the process of prettying up our condo to sell. Today we had the carpets cleaned. Max freaked out when he woke up and found the living room/eating area entirely void of furniture. "Uh-oh," he kept saying, pointing around him with angry anxiety. "Uh-oh, Mama!"

I turned in a new draft of my adult novel and now I'm back working on YA #5, as I've taken to calling my current project, previously titled Diary of a Lady's Maid. The title will be changing, so I don't want to get too attached to it. I've also changed the names of three of the main characters, which can be somewhat bewildering in my head.

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